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It Takes All of Us

Volunteers are the heart and engine behind KFB’s ability to serve 10,000 healthy evening meals to children each school day. Hundreds of volunteers come through the doors of our three locations to make this happen.

We truly cannot do this critical work without this diverse, beautiful community. But one question remains: why do volunteers choose to serve their community with KFB? We spent one chilly fall day at our lakeshore locations to find out.

In Ottawa + Allegan, Brenda and Poema have been volunteering together for two years. Brenda, a retired teacher, found KFB through a wish list drive at her church. She met Poema at KFB, and the two have developed a lifelog friendship around their passion to help others. “So many people have no idea of the need,” said Poema, “We have so much fun here together and looking at the decorated bags!” Together, they’ve found the experience to be a fun, social way to serve their community.

Across the packing floor, mother/daughter duo Deb and Kasey prepared servings of whole wheat crackers for the next day’s meals. They got involved to give back to the community as a family. “I like that kids can volunteer, too,” said Deb, “Helping others is important and we were so glad to start volunteering together when my daughter was young.” For Deb, it was important that her kids give back, and KFB made this simple and impactful.


In Muskegon County, it felt like comedy hour as friends Jerry and Mike packed Sack Suppers while cracking jokes. They have been the spirit of the small packing floor for four and two years respectively, joking around with staff and making the shift fly by. “Why do I do it?” mused Mike, “To feed kids! Come out and feed the kids; it’s a lot of fun.” Jerry smiled and added “It’s all about the kids! It’s in our name: Kids’ Food Basket!” They both come to support community kids and stay for the laughs shared while making a difference together.  

Their jokes entertained Nancy and Kathleen, who both started volunteering in Muskegon County a few months ago. Nancy reflected on her own fortune of raising six children and wanted to help other families and children now that her kids are grown. Kathleen has seen KFB’s impact firsthand, regularly volunteering at a school that receives Sack Suppers. She started volunteering at KFB when she saw the joy it brought to kids daily. “It’s great to see kids grab a bag at the end of the day, knowing they’ll have food at home.” Kathleen shared.

We all have something to give. This giving season, we humbly reflect on the talents of countless volunteers and donors that make this essential work possible. This work is bigger than any of us, and it takes a community of hearts like yours.

Though the Sack Suppers may look the same on the inside, the hands that prepped them have a wide variety of reasons to engage in this critical work. What is your reason to get involved? Sign up to volunteer today or provide a gift that is meaningful to you.