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Meeting today’s needs, feeding tomorrow’s Future

Our Purpose

Kids’ Food Basket exists to increase access to healthy food for children and families. Our core belief is that food is a right, not a privilege. Because that is not yet a reality, we mobilize human and financial resources to break down barriers that cause food insecurity. Our services include our flagship Sack Supper program, sustainable farming, community food distribution and educational programming. Collectively, we are working toward realizing a hunger-free West Michigan for all.

Our Mission

Kids’ Food Basket nourishes children to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

We pursue a future in which all children have access to the nourishment that fosters their lifelong health and limitless potential. With our neighbors as our chief collaborators, we are committed to designing our evolved programming based on data, community feedback and organizational impact. In alignment with the priorities of the United Nations World Food Programme and many community partners, we call our community to a movement focused on understanding and breaking down the barriers of access to affordable, healthy, nourishing food. It is a movement that seeks to meet immediate nutritional needs while planting the seeds of sustainable change for generations to come. Thinking globally while acting locally, we flex our models of service to accommodate and meet the needs of each respective community through human-centered listening and design.

Our Values


toward equity


every resource gifted


a positive and healthy environment

Being accountable

to our community​

Being better

than the day before ​


leaders for good

Our Equity and Belonging Commitment

Kids’ Food Basket has been committed to food equity since the first Sack Supper was delivered in 2002. Over the past two decades, we have emerged as a thought, systems and practice leader in West Michigan. The power behind our growth and expansion of programs is the people who fuel our efforts. We want to create a culture of safety and belonging for all who engage with us, where every voice is heard and all perspectives are valued. We equip our staff, volunteers and partners with developmental support to lead culturally responsive solutions to food insecurity and deliver healthy meals that taste like home to children and families.