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Educate to Empower Future Leaders

We use our facilities and farm as classrooms to foster a deeper understanding of the racial, economic and systemic barriers to food equity. We focus on expanding our youth and adult nutrition education to include not only nutritional and farming knowledge, but also education on the barriers to healthy food that many in our community face.

We offer hands-on and virtual instruction to help learners understand the conditions that perpetuate hunger, and we incorporate real-time feedback into organizational learning. We support staff and volunteer learning and development, seeking opportunities to increase our collective knowledge and skill in working toward food equity.

Ground Up Learning Lab helps children understand the origins of healthy food —how and where it is grown and the barriers to healthy food that many people face. It also empowers children to be good stewards of the Earth that they will inherit and know that their small actions can make a big difference. This is the foundation of generational change.

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