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Healthy Kids and Community

Hunger is defined as the lack of enough nutritious food; it’s a complex problem with long-term effects, limiting one’s ability to learn, to think clearly and to function optimally.

What children eat shapes their lives and potential, and ultimately determines how they will re-shape the world. With our flagship Sack Supper program and other efforts, Kids’ Food Basket works to ensure all children have access to nourishing, healthy food—and that West Michigan has access to a nourishing, healthy future.


Immediate Response

We provide healthy, ready-to-eat meals daily to thousands of children across four West Michigan counties.

Every Sack Supper contains:
One serving of fruit
One serving of vegetables
One serving of protein
A healthy snack

Ongoing Response

We team with a growing network of community partners located throughout Kent, Muskegon, Ottawa and Allegan counties to engage with schools, churches, food pantries and others to identify and reach under-resourced populations in our region.

Systemic Response

We are a direct response to an immediate need while strategizing dignified long-term solutions to childhood hunger. Based on community needs, whether it’s urban or rural areas, on weekdays or weekends, we scale our programming to ensure we can respond to emergencies.

We model our work after the global strategy of the United Nations World Food Programme to ensure we reach all West Michigan families. Thinking globally while acting locally, we are able to flex our models of service to accommodate and meet the needs of each respective community through human-centered listening and design.

"Kids’ Food Basket provides a vital service in safeguarding the health of children in our community, now and for their futures. The Sack Supper meal is designed to support the health of the whole child, from their brain all the way to the tips of their toes."

- Kristi Artz, MD, Spectrum Health Culinary Medicine Program

Our Commitments